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We provide end to end solution for startups and small to medium companies. Build MVP in few weeks and start selling your products or services.

App development

iOS and Android

Web development

Frontend and backend

APIs & Microservice

Cloud, AWS


Check some of our projects


Danish design furniture

Hubi the best wishes app

Create the best wishes for your beloved

Invis wearables

Smart strap for classic watches

Yi Pro

Utility app for Yi action cams

Mi Heart Rate

Utility app for Xiaomi Mi Band series


Security app

Utils for Mi Band

Fitness app for Mi band series


Anonymous Alcoholics meetings listing


System for tracking pallets


All local shared vehicles in one place


Find local churches and Masses


Advanced VAT calculator for sellers


Online petstore


Show all Pokemons in your city


... if I share with you my story will you share your dollar with me ...

  • 2003

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Catching the wave of "everybode has a website" - batch producing websites for real estates agencies and integrating them with listing verticals. Year of freelancing turned into doing real programming for big companies.

  • September 2012

    First customer

    After 8 years of working with big platforms and corporations like Ciao and Microsoft Bing Shopping we go on our own. We do full stack web development and do small apps for ourself.

  • 2014

    Bluetooth beacons steal our hearts

    Stunned by possibilities of Estimote beacons we heavily go into apps and bluetooth learning. Together with Daca we create iPal system and file a patent for "Method and system for tracking a product".

  • 2016 - now

    Apps, apps, apps ... and bluetooth

    Creating fitness, security, utility, listings, navigation and video apps. Doing dozens of APIs. Learning AWS S3, ECS and Lambda. Still polishing bluetooth by joining Invis wearables hardware startup.

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Who we are

  • Team of 4 developers located in Wrocław, Poland, Europe
  • In total we have 31 years of experience in software development
  • Our core technologies are: iOS (Swift & Objective C), Android (Java & Kotlin), PHP, APIs, Microservices, Frontend slicing and dicing
  • We worked with Bluetooth. But really - we extensively worked with Bluetooth
  • We have some experience in Python, AWS Lambda, AWS S3 & ECS, Docker
  • We understand C#, C+, C, Ruby, Assembler - but we won’t lead projects in those technologies
  • We created few apps from scratch - from the idea, through the servers setups, through the Docker, through the API, to the iOS and Android
  • We love debugging and bugfix 😉
  • We know about Jira, Agile, Scrum, PMing and SalesForce
  • We know about code repositories - we mainly use git
  • We practice remote work for 15 years
  • We learn fast
  • We are flexible
  • We are not designers. And experience shows we will never be 😉 - but we know how to apply designs pixel to pixel
  • We have two patents: "Method and system for tracking a product" and "Real time synchronization system"

What are we looking for

  • We can create end to end MVP for startup
  • We can help developing app for iOS and Android
  • We can help to create API
  • We can help with bluetooth hardware project - on a software level
  • We can help with web projects both frontend and backend
  • We can help writing Lambdas
  • We can help with bugfixing or doing things dev-teams normally don’t like to do

Contact Us

Phone: +48 605 557 378
eMail: office@inumbra.com